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One day, on a lovely camp site in Lingfield, four friends discovered that they had a very special bond... they all have super powers! The friends, Mina, Jack, Katie and Maneet, discovered their powers when things started to get a little strange at Long Acres Camp Site. All of a sudden lots of campers were getting upset and the more upset they got, the stronger the friends powers became. Soon, the friends transformed into The SUPer Acres - the super heroes of Long Acres Camp Site! 


The SUPer Acres Children's Activity Trails were created to help parents, like us, have more options to entertain their children during the school holidays. Outdoor play is an important part of a child's development, so that's why our trails take you around the campsite, finding clues and solving mysteries. We focus on making the trails fun and affordable, with the promise of proper good coffee at the end of it!

Our trails are aimed at children aged 3-9 years old and tend to take 45 minutes to complete, on average. You're always welcome to stay as long as you like in the coffee shop before and/or after the trail - we have a selection of games and books to keep the children occupied while you enjoy your coffee!

The SUPer Acres will be back in 2024

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